Traditional Values

Why is pradakshina done only in a clockwise manner?

Hindus go round the sanctum sanctorium in the temples and sometimes the deities in the pujas or yajnas at home in a clockwise direction..We always assume God is the center of our existence. He also exists everywhere. So when we do Pradakshina or circumambulation, we accept that our actions and thoughts are always centred around God. The center point is always fixed and remains the same at whatever distance we do the pradakshina. So we are reminded of the eternal truth that God is the center of gravity and the main focus of our existence. This is the main principle of Pradakshinam.The world is always rotating around itself on its own axis as well as around the sun. All the planets also rotate on their own axes. This is called rotation and their rotation on their orbits is called revolution. Just like in solar system, the sun is at the center around which the planets rotate, our pradakshinams should be done with god at the center. The Pradakshinam should be done slowly and never in a hurry, Our thoughts and actions must dwell on God.It is normal to do Pradakshinam always in a clockwise direction. This is because we assume that Lord is always on our right side. This reminds that we must always lead a righteous life , in the right path called Dharma.

The Myth Of Throwing Coins in Water

In ancient india, most civilizations flourished near rivers and were a significant source of fresh water. The livelihood of people depended on these rivers, such as agriculture, irrigation, drinking, etc. and these rivers were considered sacred and worshiped.

As the riveres were the only source of water at the time, having clean water was essential for survival. Most currencies used then were made of copper, an element required by human body to maintain health. Once thrown in the river, copper would slowly dissolve in the water and the person drinking it would have sufficient intake of the metal in their body foroptimization of the metal.

Copper also pulled down all the dirt in the river, allowing clean and fresh water to flow freely on top.

Although present day currencies no longer have copper in them, the age old custom of throwing coins in the river still continues till today.

As and end-note to this thought, are you getting enough copper intake in your body?

Meaning Of Namaste

When you fold hands, the tips of your fingers meet and the pressure so created stimulates the nerves connected to the memory linked brain cells. As a result, you can remember a person better when you meet the person and join hands.